Chapman Fruit Company, Inc. was established and built from the ground up by Adrian Ray Chapman in 1955. He along with others, built this company based upon honesty and integrity. In his passing we; his children, Cynthia Parrish and husband Wayne Parrish, Mindy Haymans, & Adrian Ray Chapman Jr. along with Mr. Chapman’s grandchildren, Adrian Calder, Lindsay Burnett, & Kyle and Olivia Parrish continue to run the company based on the same morals. As we are a family owned and operated business, our intention is to continue with the family legacy, by growing and expanding Chapman Fruit Company.

Chapman Fruit Company has several different areas of agriculture. We are involved in such as, citrus, cattle, vegetables, and sod. Our family has been involved in the agricultural business for a very long time and we would like to continue doing our part to help an industry that we love continue to thrive.